Fire Extinguisher Filling Machine

Fire Extinguisher Recharging Machine, CO2 Recharging Machine, High Pressure Filling System

Fire Extinguisher Filling Machine

Shineeast Fire Extinguisher Filling Machine is specially designed for recharging CO2 cylinders and FM200/HFC227ea cylinder; the machine is equipped with electrical scale, so that the machine will stop automatically when the CO2/HFC227ea cylinder reaches to preset filling weight.

CO2 Filling Machine

Shineeast GBS-STCD25-E CO2 model CO2 filling machine is specially designed for transferring liquid CO2, CO2 gas and mixture of liquid CO2 and CO2 gas, equipped with electrical scale....

FM200/HFC227ea Filling Machine

Shineeast GBS-RP04-06-ES model FM200/HFC227ea filling machine is specially designed for recharging FM200/HFC227ea cylinder; the machine mainly includes 1 piece of Shineeast RP04-06 booster pump, vacuum pump, electrical scale, pneumatic ball......


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