Gas Cylinder Test Equipment

Gas Cylinder Inspection Equipment, Test Lines for Gas Cylinder, High Pressure Hydrostatic Testing for Seamless Cylinders, CNG Cylinder Test Machine

Gas Cylinder Test Equipment

Testing equipment shall refer to relevant national standards

GB24162-2009 Periodic Inspection and Evaluation of Compressed Natural Gas Cylinders with Metal Liner and Filament Ring Winding for Automobile

GB7144 Gas Cylinder Color Mark

GB8335 Special Threads for Gas Cylinders

GB/T8336 Special Thread Gauges for Gas Cylinders

GB/T925 Hydrostatic Test Method for Gas Cylinders

GB12135 Technical Conditions for Periodic Gas Cylinder Inspection Station GB/T12137 Test Method for Gas Cylinder Tightness

GBI5382 General Specification for Gas Cylinder Valves

GBI7258 Compressed Natural Gas Cylinder for Automobile

GB17,926 Compressed Natural Gas Cylinder Valves for Vehicles

GB19533 Periodic Inspection and Evaluation of Compressed Natural Gas Cylinders for Automobiles

JB4730-94 Nondestructive Testing of Pressure Vessels

TSGZ700 Standard Rules for Inspection and Testing Institutions of Special Equipment TSGR0009-2009 Regulations on Safety Supervision of Gas Cylinders issued by the State Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision on April 24, 2003 No. 46


Test range:

The test line is applicable to the regular inspection and evaluation of compressed natural gas cylinders, steel lined circumferential wound cylinders of different types and specifications, with the nominal working pressure of 16-25MPa and the nominal volume of 30-230L.


1. Technical parameters of natural gas cylinder:

① Outer diameter of gas cylinder: φ 219-φ426mm

② Cylinder length: 600-2000mm

③ 3 Weight of gas cylinder: ≤ 160Kg


2. Cylinder shape: form A (bottom closing), form B (concave bottom)


1. Meet the annual inspection of gas cylinders for vehicles.

2. It is suitable for the comprehensive online inspection of gas cylinders of different specifications, and meets the requirements of relevant national regulations and standards for the inspection of natural gas cylinders.

3. The test line has a certain automatic operation ability to realize flow process, greatly improve the test efficiency and ensure the test quality

Cylinder Valve Loading and Unloading Machine

Shineeast Cylinder Valve Loading and Unloading Machine is used for cylinder valve loading and unloading of kinds of gas cylinders; it’ applicable for gas cylinders with valve diameter of φ 219- φ426mm....

Hydrostatic Test Machine for Gas Cylinder

Shineeast Hydrostatic Test Machine for Gas Cylinder is mainly used for volumetric deformation testing for kinds of gas cylinders, such as nitrogen gas cylinder, oxygen gas cylinder, LNG/LNG/CNG cylinder etc....

Air Leak Test Machine for Gas Cylinder

Shineeast Air Leak Test Machine for Gas Cylinder is used to check whether there is leak at the cylinder body, valves, plug threads etc. according to the requirements of GB12137. The function of this machine is to pressurize the gas cylinder......

Cylinder Internal Dryer Machine

Shineeast Cylinder Internal Dryer Machine is used for drying the internal of gas cylinder after hydrostatic testing, and the simplest way to remove the water inside the cylinder is to blow it with hot air....

Combined Machine for Cleaning, Drying and Pouring Water

Shineeast combined machine for cleaning, drying and pouring water is one important equipment for the test lines for gas cylinders; it’s one comprehensive machine, which can realize three functions: pouring water—cleaning the internal of c......

Cylinder Valve Test Machine

Shineeast cylinder valve test machine is used to inspect the cylinder valves that have been used for a certain period of time. The pressure and tightness of the cylinder valves are tested according to the requirements of GB15382. The equipm......


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