Air Driven Liquid Pumps, Air Driven Gas Booster

Air Driven Liquid Pumps, Air Driven Gas Booster, Air Liquid Booster Pumps

The working principle of the air-driven liquid pumps (air-liquid booster pump) is similar to that of a pressure booster, which applies a very low pressure to a large-diameter air-driven piston. When this pressure acts on a small-area piston, a high pressure is generated. The booster pump can be operated continuously via a 5/2 air-operated directional valve.

Air Driven Liquid Pump Working Principle

The high-pressure plunger controlled by the one-way valve continuously discharges the liquid, and the outlet pressure of the booster pump is related to the air driving pressure. When the pressure between the drive section and the output liquid section reaches equilibrium, the booster pump stops and no longer consumes air. When the output pressure drops or the air-driven pressure increases, the booster pump will automatically start running until the pressure balance is reached again and then stop automatically

The automatic reciprocating movement of the pump is realized by using a single air-controlled unbalanced gas distribution valve, and the gas drive part of the pump body is made of aluminum alloy. The liquid-contacting part is made of carbon steel or stainless steel according to different media, and the whole set of seals of the pump are imported high-quality products, thus ensuring the performance of the gas-liquid booster pump.

The gas booster pump B series is a two-stage booster pump, which can increase the gas at very low pressure to a very high pressure. The driving air pressure is ≤7bar, and the maximum can be increased to 640Mpa. The reversing method of this series of pumps is exactly the same as that of the G series. Compared with the G series, it can generate twice the output pressure under the same air driving pressure. The whole pump is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. In the gas drive part of the pump, this series needs to use lubricating gas to lubricate the seal and other internal parts. The diameter of the driving piston of this series of pumps is 160mm

High Pressure Air Powered Hydraulic Pumps
High Pressure Air Powered Hydraulic Pumps

Air Driven Liquid Pump Typical Application

Aviation industry

  1. Static and dynamic testing equipment
  2. Landing gear load and impact test
  3. Aircraft bracket system
  4. Hydraulic service trolley
  5. Tire crack (replace tire)
  6. Stretch forming
  7. Clamping during valve testing
  8. Aircraft hydraulic oil filling
  9. Detergent delivery and high pressure cleaning
  10. Hose and pipe pressure test
  11. Pressure gauge calibration
  12. Automatic control instrument shut-off valve
  13. Fixing of the launch tower tension wire

Diesel engine

  1. Fill the fuel
  2. Fuel injector test
    auto industry
  3. Brake system test
  4. Tilt cab
  5. Bracket system
  6. Trailer fixing
  7. Operate the clutch
  8. Pressing in and out of the cylinder liner
  9. Leak testing of welded pressure vessels
  10. Press the tire into the rim
  11. Transmission leak test

Industrial machine

  1. Rolling pulverizer (holding pressure)
  2. Hydraulic operation of the furnace door
  3. Cold forming of low pressure joints
  4. Isopressor
  5. Washing and static test of refrigerator condenser
  6. Compression molding of rubber products and films
  7. Power for shearing, stamping, embossing, positioning, forging, forming, cutting and pressing
  8. Embossing of leather and plastic products
  9. Moisture spraying and dust removal for surface down-the-hole drilling rig

Tunnel Engineering

  1. Tunnel platform and supports
    petrochemical industry
  2. High pressure gas system and instrument testing
  3. Pumping catalyst
  4. Injecting corrosive agent into the delivery pipeline
  5. Conveying fluids in hazardous areas
  6. Refrigerator cleaning and testing
  7. Instrument Calibration

Oil field industry

  1. Hydraulic accumulator soaring blowout prevention device (the gas booster pump can be used to charge the accumulator with nitrogen)
  2. Remove the mandrel from the barrel
  3. Remove plunger from insertion pump
  4. As an independent hydraulic power
  5. Replace hand pump
  6. Injecting chemicals or additives into pipelines when drilling oil and gas wells
  7. Injection of anti-corrosion agent, antifreeze agent and emulsion decomposer
  8. Ground power is controlled by underground safety valves
  9. Test and adjust mud pressure gauge and weight gauge
  10. Gravel compaction power source
  11. Lock the drilling line telescoping device to move the block
  12. Pressurizing the well compactor

Machine tool industry

  1. Clamping of grinding machines, drilling machines, gear cutting machines, welding devices
  2. Pressing of Teflon, gunpowder, etc.
  3. Large hydraulic press brake
  4. Punching machine power
  5. Pipe bending machine power
  6. Punch safety mat
  7. Lamination, hot flat press power
  8. Refrigerator coil die forging machine power
  9. Shear Tube Dynamics

Chemical industry

  1. Compressed air or nitrogen to the surface of the water
  2. Pipeline, round pipe and pressure vessel testing
  3. Catalyst injection
  4. Centrifuge raw materials
  5. Pressed chemicals
  6. Dispersed chemicals
  7. Pumping materials in hazardous areas

Pump industry

  1. Pump body pressure test
  2. Dynamic seal leak test
  3. Bearing installation and removal power
  4. Destructive test of prototype casting
  5. Pressed powder metal parts

Energy industry

  1. Pressure test of pipes and valves
  2. Pressure maintenance of safe water pressure
  3. Leak test

Electrical industry

  1. Cable crimping machine
  2. Submarine cable stress test
  3. Remove mud and sand from cables
  4. Used in electric/hydraulic servo system
  5. Sensor performance test
  6. Set the pressure switch

Fire industry

  1. Extinguisher pressure test
  2. Automatic foam and sprinkler system
  3. Fill fire extinguishing material
  4. Testing of valves, pipes and CO2 cylinders
  5. Fire pipe test
Civil Engineering
  1. Stress test
  2. Efficiency Test
  3. Operate large gate valves, etc.
  4. Momentum for wooden decking for fixing pipes
  5. Stainless steel boiler tube test
  6. Pressure testing of plastic pipes
  1. Concrete container pressure test
  2. Operate the hydraulic platform
  3. Hand tools (drilling)
  4. Tensile force of concrete reinforcement
  5. Support dynamics of concrete high-rise buildings
Valve industry
  1. Stress and functional test
  2. Fatigue cycle test
  3. Set the pressure switch
  4. Pressure testing of valves and castings
  5. Pressure switch and pressure gauge cycle test
  1. Start cranes, hydraulic elevators
  2. Stacker
  3. Straightening welded metal shipping containers

Marine industry

  1. Tighten the propeller nut
  2. Rudder Power
  3. Fill the fuel
  4. Water cleaning boiler tube
  5. Drive the actuator
  6. Pressure testing of pipelines, valves, boilers, round pipes, and pressure vessels

Sewage industry

  1. Demineralization, such as reverse osmosis and desalination
  2. Pressure testing of waste water pipes, drain pipes, and water pipes
  3. Leak test

Soil structure

  1. Triaxial element testing rock and cement specimens
  2. Humidity Diffusion Test


  1. Surveying
  2. Static extrusion
  3. Cold working
  4. Material strength test
  5. Destructive test of geological specimens
  6. Isobaric pressing
  7. Deep sea environment simulation analysis

Natural gas industry

  1. Valve, pipeline, cylinder pressure test
  2. Natural gas exhaust system
  3. Inject odorant into the pipeline
  4. Gas tank static test
  5. Welded metal pipe pressure test