CO2 Extraction Process, CO2 Extraction Machine, Carbon dioxide pressurized extraction system

The carbon dioxide extraction booster system is a carbon dioxide separation process. It is a process in which supercritical carbon dioxide is used to dissolve certain substances. It uses the relationship between the volume capacity of supercritical carbon dioxide and its density, that is, the relationship between pressure and temperature on the volume capacity of carbon dioxide. The impact is carried out, and we will briefly introduce the impact of downforce below;
The supercritical extraction device can be roughly divided into eight parts in terms of function: one of the more important parts is the high pressure part
Since the extraction process is carried out under high pressure, the requirements for the pressure resistance of the equipment and the entire pipeline system are relatively high.

Carbon dioxide extraction booster system:
Simply put, it is to pressurize the carbon dioxide gas to a very high level (such as the pressure of 3 miles below sea level, 200 times the atmospheric pressure), so that the high-pressure gas can dissolve the aromatic essential oils in plants. When the pressure is reduced (down to 100 times atmospheric pressure), carbon dioxide will change from liquid to gaseous at this moment, so the plant essential oil still in liquid mist state can be separated and collected. Compared with solvent extraction, this extraction method does not have any solvent residue. Of course, some people question that carbon dioxide is an acidic gas, so this extraction method will more or less destroy the chemical substance structure in the essential oil.