Gas Booster Pump, Pneumatic-Driven Gas Boosters

Gas Booster Pump, Pneumatic-Driven Gas Boosters are driven by low-pressure gas at the large-area piston end to generate high-pressure fluid at the small-area piston end. It can be used to compress air and other gases, and the output air pressure can be adjusted steplessly through the driving air pressure.

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Gas Booster Pump, Pneumatic-Driven Gas Boosters Advantage

Driven by various gases: compressed air, liquefied nitrogen and pipeline nitrogen, water vapor.

Large output flow: only need 0.3-0.69MPa compressed air to drive to obtain a large output flow.

Automatic pressure maintenance: when working, the pump reciprocates quickly, and when the output pressure is close to the set pressure value, the reciprocating speed of the pump slows down until it stops. And maintain this pressure, at this time the energy consumption is very small, no heat is generated, and no parts move. When the pressure balance is broken, the pneumatic booster pump automatically starts working to the next balance.

Excellent material: the high pressure part is made of stainless steel. The high-pressure plunger is made of stainless steel and double-layer sealed.

Simple maintenance: The pneumatic booster pump has few parts and seals, and the maintenance is simple and low in cost. All “O” rings of the same series of pumps, and the vulnerable parts of the maintenance kit can be replaced with each other, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost. The pneumatic booster pump has been filled with lubricant before leaving the factory, and does not need external lubrication during operation.

  1. Maintain hydraulic pressure without consuming energy
  2. With explosion-proof function, no electricity or wire connection required
  3. Self-safety
  4. Small structure, light weight, not affected by weather changes
  5. Easy to realize automatic control
  6. Anti-pollution
  7. The output static pressure is adjusted by the driving air pressure
  8. Output pressure up to 80000PSI
  9. It is very easy to start and stop at full load
  10. Easy to install and operate