Pressure Impulse Test Bench, Hydraulic Impulse Hose Testing Machine

Pressure Impulse Testing Machine for Hoses, Tubes, Plastic Pipes, PE Pipes, UPVC Pipes

Impulse Pressure Testing for Plastic Pipes, PE Pipes, UPVC Pipes

Shineeast impulse test machine is mainly used for pressure testing and destructive testing for kinds of rubber hoses, automobile flexible hose, PE pipe, UPVC pipes, hydraulic hose assembly, metal pipelines, steel coil reinforced pipe etc.


Automobile steering pipe, brake pipe, air conditioning pipe, fuel pipe, cooling water pipe, radiator hose, heating hose, air filter hose, PE pipes, UPVC pipes, worm gear, booster system hose, engineering hydraulic hose, aviation hose and manifold, hard pipe or connector, heat exchanger, air conditioner, filter, etc.

Pulse Test Benches, Pressure Impulse Test Bench Knowledge

There are two types of pulse test benches, one is hydraulic servo type and the other is hydraulic mechanical type.

The hydraulic system is the power source of the testing machine, including hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, and hydraulic accessories. The mechanical body is used to place the hydraulic system and the test piece. The measurement and control system is the control unit of the system, including industrial computer, acquisition card, PLC, relay, contactor, etc. Its function is to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system and complete the functions of test data collection and processing. The hydraulic system of the testing machine is composed of servo pulse system, cooling system, safety protection device and other parts.

System Technical Requirements
(1) Hydraulic alternating pressure: 0.5 ~ 10MPa;
(2) Hydraulic alternating frequency: 0 ~ 1.25 Hz;
(3) Pulse waveform: sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, trapezoidal wave;
(4) Test medium: hydraulic oil;
(5) Simultaneous testing: 1 to 4 pieces (cooler, independent control).

Main oil supply system calculation and component selection
Calculate according to the pressure, frequency, etc. required by the system. From the highest pulse pressure p = 10 MPa, the oil supply pressure of the servo valve can be obtained as ps=3/2p=15 MPa. Considering the pressure loss, the system pressure can be taken as 16 MPa. The flow rate is calculated according to the maximum volume of the test piece and the compression amount of the hydraulic oil under high pressure. It is known that the maximum volume of the four coolers and related pipelines is 6L, and there will be residual air bubbles in the hydraulic pipelines and test pieces. Therefore, the bulk elastic modulus of the hydraulic oil is selected as E=0.8×103MPa, so the compression amount ΔV=V× Δp/E = 0.075L.
According to the calculated pressure and rated flow, the model of the servo valve is GSES-G03-42-20 electromagnetic pilot servo valve from Japan; the hydraulic pump is A2FO28 axial piston hydraulic pump, when its speed is 1470r/min, the flow rate is 41L /min, the rated pressure is 31MPa, so the hydraulic pump meets the system requirements; the motor power N=pQ/60η=12.9kW, the model is Y160L-4, the rated power is 15kW, the speed is 1470r/min, and the efficiency is 0.85; The flow valve is used to adjust the pressure and unload of the system. Rexroth’s DBW10A1-5X/315 electromagnetic overflow valve is selected, and it is energized and unloaded to prove that the valve can meet the requirements of the system’s no-load start and no-load stop; energy storage The accumulator is mainly used to store energy, which can meet the flow demand of the pulse rise time servo valve. At the same time, the accumulator absorbs the flow pulsation at the outlet of the plunger pump to ensure the stability of the pressure before the servo valve; the high-pressure filter with a filter precision of 5 μm , used to protect the servo valve from oil pollution; the servo valve is the most important hydraulic component in the hydraulic system, it is not only an electro-hydraulic conversion component but also a power amplification component, through which it can output continuous pressure and flow.

Cooling system
The hydraulic system of the testing machine generates a lot of heat when it works for a long time, which causes the temperature of the hydraulic oil to rise, the viscosity of the oil to decrease, and the leakage of the system to increase. Therefore, in order to ensure the continuous long-term operation of the system, the system has designed an independent circulating cooling and filtering circuit, using an industrial oil cooler with a power of 6.5kW. The hydraulic oil output by the oil cooler is filtered by a filter and then returned to the oil tank. Ensure the cleanliness of the oil.

Safety device
In order to prevent the liquid level in the oil tank from being too low and affect the normal operation of the hydraulic pump, a liquid level alarm is installed in the oil tank. When the liquid level in the oil tank is too low, it will send an alarm and stop to avoid damage to the hydraulic pump. In addition, the specific automatic control function during the test is shown in Figure 3.
The test box is divided into 4 small test piece boxes, and each test piece box is equipped with a liquid level alarm. When a certain test piece (such as test piece 1) is damaged and leaks oil, the corresponding alarm will send out an alarm, and the PLC will After receiving the alarm, send a signal to the electromagnetic reversing valve 2 (for simplicity, only one electromagnetic reversing valve is drawn here, but there are actually 8 of them, used to control 8 pneumatic ball valves) to control the corresponding pneumatic ball valve 3 to cut off the oil circuit. It does not affect the other three-way tests, so it can achieve independent control and does not require manual operation by the operator. At the same time, a door-opening alarm is installed on the door of the test chamber. When the door is opened during the test, an alarm will be issued to ensure the safety of the operator.

Two models

  1. The pulsating fatigue testing machine is composed of pulsating hydraulic source, PMCS full digital measurement and control system, high-response low-damping high-speed actuator, industrial control computer data acquisition and processing system, hydraulic pipeline, test safety protection device, test bench and other parts Composed of test instruments mainly used to complete pseudo-static, pseudo-dynamic performance and fatigue life tests of components and structural parts.
    Equipment function: This system is mainly used for static load, dynamic load performance test and dynamic load fatigue life test of parts and large structural parts. It is a fatigue life testing system with wide application range, reliable performance and low operating cost in the fields of fatigue performance testing in , water conservancy, ports, tunnels, coal and other industries. The system is equipped with corresponding functions and accessories to realize typical concrete structures such as beams, columns, slabs, and frames, bridges (full scale, models), steel trusses, rubber bearings, fastener assembly, steel strand anchors, and various springs. Static load, dynamic load performance test and dynamic load fatigue life test of rigging, spreader, ring connection, rail and its welded joints, automobile chassis, front and rear axles of automobiles, locomotive bogies and various large components.
  2. The pulse fatigue testing machine automatically completes the adjustment and control of pressure and temperature through setting, so that the tested part can reach the actual working state, and the fatigue life test is carried out to finally determine the performance of the product. The pulse test bench adopts the control method combining computer and PLC, and realizes the generation and adjustment of arbitrary waveform through closed-loop control. Pulse test, fatigue test, life test, aging test, water hammer test, etc. of valves, joints, pressure gauges, sensors, instruments, connectors and other products; pressure vessels, various gas cylinders, shells, pump bodies, containers, Reactor, pulse test, life test, fatigue test, etc. of aerospace products.
    Equipment function: automotive hose steering tube, brake tube, air conditioning tube, fuel tube, cooling water tube, heat dissipation hose, warm air hose, air filter hose, worm gear, booster system hose, engineering hydraulic hose, aviation Impulse testing of hoses and manifolds, other hard pipes or fittings, heat exchangers, air conditioners, filters, etc.