Air Leak Test Machine - Computer Control

Air Leak Testing Machine for CNG Vehicle Pipelines, High Pressure Testing for CNG Vehicle Pipelines

Air Leak Test Machine - Computer Control

Main technical parameters:

Model: GBS40-A

Driving air pressure: 0.3-0.8MPa;

Inlet pressure: 0.1-1MPa;

Test pressure: 20Mpa

Maximum flow: 124 N L/min

Power supply voltage: AC220V/50Hz

The electrical control system includes data acquisition system, computer, configuration software, printer etc.

Main features of computer control air leak test machine:

1. The real-time test pressure, pressure-time curve etc parameters can be displayed in the testing interface,

2. Test data will be recorded and saved in the computer;

3. Testing report can be outputted and printed out.

4. The testing process will be operated through the computer.


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