CO2 Filling Machine

Automatic Filling Machine for Charging CO2 Cylinder, High Pressure Filling System for Charging CO2 Bottle, CO2 Recharging System with Electrical Scale

CO2 Filling Machine

GBS-STCD25-E model CO2 filling system mainly includes 1 piece of STCD25 gas booster, air pressure gauge, digital pressure gauge, solenoid valve, pressure transducer, control valves, pipelines, hoses, electrical scale, air filter, inlet gas filter, cabinet etc.


Main parameters of GBS-STCD25-E:

Product name: GBS-STCD25-E Filling System

Core components: 1 pieces of STCD25 gas booster

Outlet pressure: 0 to 150 bar

Inlet pressure: 1-200 bar

Max.flow rate: 154 litre/min (at inlet pressure 20 bar)

Air drive pressure: 3-8 bar

Operating medium: CO2 gas, liquid CO2, ethylene etc.

Control mode: Filling pressure can be set, it will stop filling automatically when reaching pressure.

Driving medium: Compressed air

Air consumption: 0.6-1.2M3/min

Net weight: 160 Kg


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