Cylinder Valve Loading and Unloading Machine

Valve Assembling and Disassembling Machine, Automatic Valve Loading and Unloading Machine, Horizontal Valve Loading Machine, Vertical Type Assemble and Disassemble Machine for CNG Cylinder Valve

Cylinder Valve Loading and Unloading Machine

Shineeast Cylinder Valve Loading and Unloading Machine is designed and manufactured according to the requirements in China, which it is strictly prohibited to use pipe chain pliers or other tools that are easy to damage the cylinder body to load and unload cylinder valves and the requirements of cylinder manufacturers, inspection stations and other cylinder valve loading and unloading work. The equipment is suitable for valve loading and unloading of various gas cylinders with valve diameter of φ 219- φ426mm. Simple operation, safe and reliable performance.

Main technical parameters:

Model: PFX-01

Type: horizontal type, vertical type

(1) Motor power: 1.5kW

(2) Transmission ratio: 1: 60

(3) Spindle speed: 15r/min

(4) Air source pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa

(5) Applicable cylinders: diameter φ 219- φ 426mm, length: 600-2000mm

(6) Control mode: manual/automatic


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