FM200/HFC227ea Filling Machine

FM200 Recharging Machine, HFC227ea Recharging Machine, FM200 Filling System for Recharging FM200 Cylinder

FM200/HFC227ea Filling Machine

Main parameters of GBS-RP04-06-ES FM200/HFC227ea filling Machine:

Product name: GBS-RP04-06-ES filling system

Core components: Shineeast RP04-06 booster pump

FM200 output pressure: 0-4.2 Mpa

Nitrogen output pressure: 0-100 bar (adjustable)

Presure of nitrogen gas source: <15Mpa

Filling medium: FM200/HFC227ea, halon, nitrogen gas

Drive air pressure: 3-8 bar

Filling weight: 0-500 KG (can be set according to practical conditions)

Driving medium: Compressed air

Pressure accuracy: ±0.1Mpa

Weighing accuracy: ±0.1Kg

Operation process:

Vacuum pumping - nitrogen replacement - FM200/HFC227ea filling - automatically stop filling when preset filling weight is reached - nitrogen gas filling - stop filling when it reaches to required nitrogen filling pressure.


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