Testing Equipment for FM200/CO2 Gas Cylinder

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1) Cylinder Internal Cleaning Machine

Cleaning Equipment for Gas Cylinder, Gas Cylinder Cleaning Machine, High Pressure Cleaning Machine for Cylinder

The cleaning machine is applicable to do high pressure cleaning for the internal of gas cylinders with diameter φ 279- φ 450mm. When working, the cylinder is lying flat on the overturning rack. After the cylinder is tightened and fixed, it turns over until the cylinder mouth is facing down. The high-pressure water pump is used to clean the internal of the cylinder.  

Main technical parameters

Model: ZQX-K

Diameter range of treated gas cylinder: φ 279- φ 450mm; Length range: 400-1850mm

Motor power: 0.75KW jet pump 380V

Turning angle: 60 ° - 75 °

No. of station: single station

Air cylinder diameter: 125mm


1) Cylinder Valve Loading and Unloading Machine-Vertical Type

Loading and Unloading Equipment for Cylinder Valve, Cylinder Valve Assembling and Disassembling Equipment, Automatic Valve Loading and Unloading Machine, Assembling and Disassembling Machine for FM200 Cylinder Valve, Vertical Type Valve Assembling Machine


Shineeast Cylinder Valve Loading and Unloading Machine is vertical type machine, and it’s mainly used for loading and unloading the valves of FM200 and CO2 cylinders in fire industry; the machine is applicable to gas cylinders with diameter φ 279- φ 450mm.


Simple operation, safe and reliable performance.

When working, the gas cylinder shall stand upright on the equipment base, and the cylinder valve shall be loaded and unloaded after hydraulic clamping and fixing, and the torque force shall be set on control panel of the electric cabinet.

Main technical parameters:

Model: ZLV-ZX

1. Motor power: 3.0kW;

2. Spindle speed: 8r/min;

3. Air drive pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa;

4. Torque sensor: 2000NM (including instrument display, settable)

5. Power pack hydraulic tightening, reducer


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