Wellhead Safety Valve Control System

Wellhead Control Panel, Wellhead Control System

Wellhead Safety Valve Control System

SHINEEAST Wellhead Safety Valve Control System is an emergency shutdown system designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the technical specifications of the wellhead control panel and in combination with the actual working conditions. It is used to effectively control the surface safety valves, downhole safety valves and side wing valves of oil/gas wells, and achieve the corresponding protection and explosion-proof levels to ensure the safe production of oil/gas wellheads and provide safety protection for oil/gas wellheads in unattended environments in the field.

Reference standards:

API RP 14A ; API RP 14B; API RP 14C ; NACEMR-01-75; EN 50018

Technical parameters:

Type: Pneumatic

Control type: manual/PLC automatic

Control pressure: 35MPa, 70MPa, 1O5MPa


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