Burst Pressure Test Machine

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SHINEEAST Burst Pressure Test Machines are specialized test stands for pressure and bursting testing. They use SHINEEAST air driven hydraulic pump for pressurizing and available of ultimate outlet pressures as well as different flowrate which pressurizes up to maximally 350Mpa.

Manual control types

Shineeast burst pressure test machines are capable of testing for a multitude of mediums, such as hydraulic oil, water and non-corrosive chemical liquids.


Shineeast burst pressure test machines with complete specifications and models, and we make exact solutions of burst test machine according to the customers’ requirements.


Main parameters:

◎Testing pressure:up to 350MPa

◎Testing station: Single station

◎measurement accuracy:±0.5%FS

◎Timing range:0~999h;

◎Testing medium:water, hydraulic oil, or other liquids


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