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Hydrostatic Test Machine is capable of strength testing and hydrostatic testing for valves, pipe fittings, plastic tubes, hoses, vessels, with testing pressure up to 4000 bar.

Shineeast hydrostatic test machine is used for the strength testing and high and low pressure water pressure testing of kinds of valves, various hoses, metal pipes, various automotive pipelines, condensers, heat exchangers and hydraulic hoses, steel pipes, pressure vessels, stop valves, plug valves, check valves, ball valves, control valves, valve groups and other high pressure valves, petroleum machinery and instrument valves.


Main technical parameters:

1. Test pressure: 10MPa, 25MPa, 40MPa, 60MPa, 100MPa, 120MPa, 150MPa, 240MPa, 300MPa, 400MPa

2. Testing medium: water, hydraulic oil

3. Drive air pressure: 5-8 bar

4. Test station: 1 station or multiple stations

5. Pressure accuracy: 0.5% F.S

6. Control pressure accuracy: 2% F. S

7. Operating ambient temperature: normal temperature to 150 ℃

8. Control mode: manual and computer control are both available


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